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Variety Meals

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Variety Meals became a business in 2019 as a small local food preparation business for daily and weekly meals. The name Variety comes from the selection of food choices we provide.  Variety Meals is created for people that would like different food but not have to visit different places to get them. What I deceided to do is just conviently placed different meals on one menu.  Cooking and coming up with unique dishes has always been a passion for me and something I enjoy doing. I come from a family of cooks and Chefs, so I guess you can say its in my genes.  The best part is that I love from scratch cooking so I like to implement this in the dishes I come up with and prepare.  The overall goal for Variety Meals is to be able to provide meals to as many people as possible throughout the US.  We provide Vegan Vegetarian Gluten Free and regular meals, that way almost everyone can choose something they enjoy.

Thanks for taking the time out to read about Variety Meals!  Now lets place orders and spread the word!! 

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